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A powerful resource for navigating uncertain times: post-COVID Asian business MatrixGames

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What is wargaming?


Militaries and businesses have long used wargaming as a technique for confronting uncertainty. From U-Boats in 1940 to high-tech mergers in 2008, playing out simulations can help researchers and decision-makers get a glimpse of potential futures. 

Wargames come in many shapes and levels of intensity. Luckily, there is a style of wargaming that is suited for highly fluid environments and can be played quickly: matrix games. This approach encourages discussion, research, and can be played virtually. It is the perfect approach for our current environment of constant change and social distancing. 

Why you need wargaming, today

Our post-COVID matrix games offer major benefits to organizations navigating uncertain times, including:

  • Harness internal knowledge, quickly. Unlike relying solely an external expert, a matrix game harnesses all the knowledge that already exists within an organization

  • Matrix games are based on arguments and discussion. It gets you "under the hood" and encourages debates that provide as much stress testing of plans as the final product.

  • Matrix games take you deep along a path for a scenario. Because we run 6 rounds of action that take place over the next 18 months, participants get to see how their actions today may set up problems a year and a half later. This is a valuable process in times of high uncertainty, when short-term adaptations could prove troubling long-term.


How we can help you


Our wargames are conducted by Two Lanterns Advisory, which specializes in building political risk capacity, and Country Acuity Advisors, a boutique macro consultancy based in Singapore. Together, we're teaming up to offer wargames to help you thrive in the post-COVID Asian business environment. 

Some of the topics that can wargamed include:

  • Post-COVID ASEAN/China and ASEAN/North American relations

  • MNC supply chain relocation from China

  • Impact of lockdowns on ASEAN economic integration

  • Opportunities for Western firms in ASEAN post-COVID

Email or call us to discuss how a war game can help you stay ahead of the curve! 

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