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Understand - Plan - Manage


Our services aim to equip our clients with the knowledge and strategies to manage the increasingly complex and uncertain global environment.  We focus on providing bespoke services to a select group of clients.  

The following are a sample of the services offered.  Talk to us to better understand our competencies, expertise and how we can help you.

Country and Political Risk

Assess, anticipate and be prepared to manage political and policy related uncertainties.

Identify elections outcome scenarios to anticipate potential risks and opportunities.

Macro Risk 

Using our knowledge of macroeconomics and sovereign risk, we can help guide clients to come to conclusions about government policy directions and risks.

ERM and IRB Advisory

Public Advisory

Public sector credit ratings advisory. 

Foreign investment promotion strategies. 

Political Economy 

Understand the relationships, incentives, and drivers behind key stakeholders, decision makers, and influencers in a country.


Map political economic players to understand risk landscape to a project, policy, business, or investment.  

ESG - Social Sector Analysis 

Understand linkages between society and investment themes and populism.


Find reputable data and indices for ESG investing under the social theme. 

ERM and IRB Advisory

Advise on how to incorproate country, political, and sovereign risks to satisfy Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Internal Ratings Based models and frameworks and processes.  

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